TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Diaphragm Isolation Valves

The valve part and the actuator part (solenoid) of valves are sectioned by a diaphragm (Structure of Diaphragm Valves) so the fluid does not come into contact with the metal parts of the solenoid. The wetted materials are PTFE, PEEK, PPS, etc. to be compatible with a wide range of fluids. The main features of the Takasago diaphragm valves are small-size and highly inertness. We can design and customize valves to meet your specific application requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information about these diaphragm valves or information about customizing a product for your needs.

List of Diaphragm Valves [Orifice of smaller than φ1 mm]

List of Diaphragm Valves [Orifice of φ1 - 2 mm]

List of Diaphragm Valves [Orifice of larger than φ2 mm]