TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Chemical Compatibility Table - Wetted Materials Information

March 30, 2020

This is a guide to the chemical compatibility of the principle wetted materials of valves with selected fluids.

Chemical PEEK PPS PTFE SUS316  FPM   EPDM  Perfluoro
Acetaldehyde A A A A D B A
Acetic acid 10% A A A A B D A
Acetone A A A A D B A
Ammonia water A B A A A A A
Benzine A A A A B D A
Caustic soda 50% - A A C D A -
Chloroform - A A A D D A
Formalin 37% A A A C A A A
Hydrochloric acid 20% A (*10%) A A D A A A
Hydrogen peroxide 30% A B A C A C -
Nitric acid 10% A A A A A B A
Phosphoric acid A A A D A - -
Pure water (Deionized water) A A A A A A -
Seawater A A A C A - -
Sodium hypochlorite 5% A A A D A B A
Sulfuric acid 30% B A A D A A A
Tetrahydrofuran A A A A D - B
Toluene A A A A B D A
Xylene A A A A A - A

A: Compatible B: Compatible under some conditions C: Not suitable for use D: No data available
Note: The above table is for your reference only. Please check the compatibility of a selected material with chemicals under your own conditions before use.