TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Chemical Compatibility Table - Wetted Materials Information

March 30, 2020

This chemical compatibility chart shows the chemical compatibility of the principle wetted materials of valves with selected fluids.

Chemical PEEK PPS PTFE SUS316  FPM   EPDM  Perfluoro
Acetaldehyde A A A A D B A
Acetic acid 10% A A A A B D A
Acetone A A A A D B A
Ammonia water A B A A A A A
Benzine A A A A B D A
Caustic soda 50% - A A C D A -
Chloroform - A A A D D A
Formalin 37% A A A C A A A
Hydrochloric acid 20% A (*10%) A A D A A A
Hydrogen peroxide 30% A B A C A C -
Nitric acid 10% A A A A A B A
Phosphoric acid A A A D A - -
Pure water (Deionized water) A A A A A A -
Seawater A A A C A - -
Sodium hypochlorite 5% A A A D A B A
Sulfuric acid 30% B A A D A A A
Tetrahydrofuran A A A A D - B
Toluene A A A A B D A
Xylene A A A A A - A
  • A: Compatible
  • B: Compatible under some conditions
  • C: Not suitable for use
  • D: No data available

Note 1: Details such as specifications, etc., may be changed without notice.

Note 2: The above table is for your reference only. Please check the compatibility of selected material with chemicals under your conditions before use.