TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Total Solution Services

Various problems are faced when dealing with highly advanced fluidic control. It may be that a fundamental redesign becomes necessary as the performance expected from the design is not achieved. As the volume of fluidic control is minimized, the number of different technical elements increases and unless appropriately designed in advance, valuable development time and resources can be wasted. Takasago offers the solutions to such problems in cooperation with The Dolomite Centre Ltd - a UK company. A total consulting service is provided from trial pieces and prototypes to start-up of mass production for various development projects, in addition to design and manufacturing consignment services. 

Examples of Services

  • Design and proposal of from prototype devices to configuration of the application
  • Configuration improvement proposals for existing applications
  • Comprehensive solution proposals for fluidics, thermal engineering, optics, electrics, etc
  • Flow, heat, diffusion, pressure and response testing and analysis service
  • Manufacturing consignment service for prototype devices

Examples of Applications

    • Microfluidics ・Protein Analysis,Protein Crystallization
    • Drug Discovery ・Chemical Synthesis, Microreactor
    • DNA Analysis, DNA Sequencing
    • Cell Analysis, Cell Culture・Blood Analysis
    • Inkjet Printing