TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Aerospace Field

For the space industry, TFS has provided thruster valves for satellite propulsion systems, as well as high-pressure valves, micro pumps, etc. for space experimental devices or spacecraft service modules. Since the foundation in 1959, TFS has built a track-record of high-level quality control, highly customised products and high-mix low-volume production in the medical field. These strengths are now also utilised for our aerospace products. In particular, automated cell culture technology for regenerative medicine characterises TFS as one of a few manufacturers of microgravity cell culture devices in the world.

For aircrafts, we also have developed various valves. In addition, we supply precision machined parts to a Tier 2 supplier for Mitsubishi aircraft and Embraer airframes.

Strengths of Takasago Fluidic Systems

  • Advanced quality control and process control based on 40-years’ experience in the medical field
  • Specialists in custom engineering and high-mix low-volume production
  • Realization of miniaturization and weight saving
  • Facilities in the US and China
  • Integrated production from design and material machining to assembly and inspection

Valves and Other Fluidic Devices


  • Solenoid Valves, Check Valves and Pinch Valves

    for pneumatic control

    for hydraulic systems

    for air conditioning and oxygen supply systems

    for beverage dispensers and galley equipment

    for lavatory equipment

  • Proportional valves

    for fuel control experiments

  • Electromagnetic actuators (solenoids)

  • Miniature pumps


  • Thruster Valves

  • High Pressure Control Valves

  • Latching Valves

  • Integrated Fluidic Systems for Space Experiments

  • Automated Cell Culture Systems Used in the Microgravity Environment

Examples of production and adoption