TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Application Requirements

Prospective graduates from University or Graduate school.

We are currently recruiting mainly for people who will join us in 2024 but we are recruiting throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us.

Open Position

designing valves and/or pumps once one learn/master designing, then one can change one's carrier if one want.

Three options

1) keep continue designing

2) move to R&D department (as a developer)

3) move to sales department (as a sales engineer)

Accepted departments and majors

Graduate students or students of the Faculty of Science and Technology

Regarding Selection Process

Apply Document Screening Interviews(typically 1-2 interviews) Offer

【Document Screening 】

Please check the below, and submit these documents.


•Official Academic Transcript

•Certificate of Degree B.Sc./M.S./Ph.D(If any)

•Certificate of Japanese(If any)

*If these documents are written in English, you can submit them without translation. (Documents written in Japanese are, of course, welcome.)

【Interviews 】

Once passing the document screening, we offer online interviews via Zoom.

*Interviews usually last 30 to 60 min.

*The interviews will be offered both in Japanese and in English.

*In the middle of the selection process, we may arrange on holding an online

meeting with our colleagues to sound out their first hand opinions about TFS.

Past record of recruiting from

India, Indonesia, U.K., China, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Taiwan, Vietnam

Initial monthly salary

PhD 230,000 JPY

M.S. 225,000 JPY

B.Sc. 225,000 JPY

These are just example. Details will be provided at the time of offer.

Raise and bonus 

Raise: once a year (October)

Bonus: twice a year (June and December)

Place of work

Head office (Nagoya)

Working hours

Flexible-hours system is available (core time: 11:00~15:00)


2 days off per week, national holidays, 7 days for year-end and New Year holidays, 3 days for summer vacation, annual paid day off (10 days granted in the first year),

Celebration or bereavement leave, annual holidays: 124 days (actual for 2023)

Social insurance

Health insurance, Employee pension, Unemployment insurance, Labor insurance

Welfare program

Free Wi-Fi in the cafeteria, employee stock ownership program (after 1 year of employment), beverages provided

Educational program

Pre-employment language study support, in-house online campus, various internal and external training programs, qualification acquisition incentive programs, etc.

Other allowances

Meal allowance: If you order a boxed lunch (420 JPY, the company will provide 200 JPY as a subsidy, tele-working allowance: 200 JPY daily, overtime allowance

Others (treatment, etc.)

Commuting expenses fully covered (up to 100,000 JPY), uniforms lent, relocation subsidy system (up to 300,000 JPY) upon joining the company, etc.


When will the employment exam be held?

We are accepting applications all year round. If you feel even a little something and are interested, please feel free to contact us.

The timing of entry into the company will be decided through interviews after the offer is made, but it will take at least 4 months from the offer to enter into the company.

What type of person are good performer?

Currently, the following types of people perform outstandingly.

Self-motivated and able to think and move on their own

People with human charm who are trusted by others.

Honest and flexible.

Have a strong belief that "I want to achieve!

We believe that we can provide a field of activity for those who think they might be a good fit!

Are international students eligible to apply?

Of course, you're more than welcome!
We have people of diverse nationalities such as British, Indian, Chinese, Brazilian...etc., working as engineers.

Mechanical engineering is not my specialty, but can I play an active role?

We have people from a wide range of backgrounds, including chemistry, biology, physics, and material science, etc...

Few of them have specialized in valve pumps during their college years, so we are all at the same starting line when you join the company.

And with the multiplication of "your background" x "fluid control," individual bring their own unique strengths.

I don't speak Japanese, though can I still apply?

Although you will not be rejected because of your poor Japanese at the time of offer, Japanese language proficiency is a must for working and living in Japan. Taking advantage of the 4 months from the time of offer to the time you join the company, please acquire Japanese language skills (especially speaking ability). Japanese language education support is also available, so if you are interested, please ask us after receiving an offer of employment.

Is there anything I should study before joining the company?

Nothing special.

If I may say so, please enjoy rest of your school days to the fullest. If you have found something you like, something that makes you happy, enough to keep doing it, then you will continue to have fun even after you join the company. Please dig deeper into your interests while you have time.

Do you have in-person interviews?

In principle, the entire selection process is conducted online, but upon request, in-person interviews can be conducted at our headquarters. (Transportation expenses are to be borne by the applicant.)

Do you hold company information sessions?

We conduct company briefings and round-table discussions with senior staff as appropriate. If you wish to attend, please apply through the inquiry form.

Do you offer pre-employment relocation support?

The following support is provided to ensure a smooth entry into the company even before you arrive in Japan.

Obtaining a Visa

Financial support for moving + airfare (up to a maximum amount)

Assistance with housing arrangements and contracting procedures

Support for opening bank accounts and resident registration

Foreign nationals in Japan who meet certain conditions are also eligible for support in obtaining visas, moving expenses, and transportation costs.

Details will be explained after the offer.

What kind of training programs are available after joining the company?

Immediately after joining the company, you will be given online video training for about two weeks.

You can learn about the company in a broad range of areas, including the company policies and rules. As online videos training, you can review as many times as you like.

After that, you will have on-site training at the factory. You will gain a deeper understanding of how parts are made and assembled through hands-on experience. Knowledge of parts and assembly also improves your design skills. Once the on-site training (about 2 months) is over, you will start working as a designer.

How is my career determined?

You will start out in design, but there are also sales engineer, expert engineer, and R&D positions available. The decision will be done based on a number of factors, including your own preferences, career plans, and our business plans. We urge you to find a position that you think you would like and show it off!

What is my work location?

We are currently based in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, and you will be working in Nagoya for the foreseeable future.

Is remote work possible?

In principle, it is possible, although it will be within Japan. Some jobs cannot be done due to security or business requirements, so please inquire individually after joining the company.

Are there any opportunities to work outside of Japan?

Currently, we do business with over 50 countries. We also have a branch office in the United States and a subsidiary in China.

There are many opportunities to work overseas, such as participating in overseas exhibitions on a business trip basis to promote our products, making on-site inspections to formulate new development plans for priority countries, and giving presentations at local universities overseas!

What kind of atmosphere does the company have?

More than 10% of our employees are non-Japanese, and since we value diversity, we are not bound by the framework of "because I am a foreigner" or "because I am Japanese”.

Besides, if there is something you don't understand, English-speaking staff will help you. In terms of operations, it is a very open workplace where you can feel free to discuss your ideas and get advice from either the CEO or CTO if they are free in their schedule.

Do you have any system to support employee work styles?

There are various life events in life.

We have the support to help you maximize your output in accordance with such life stages.

Support for maternity, paternity, and nursing care leave

Childcare and nursing care leave

Marriage Leave & Congratulatory Gift

Maternity Leave & Congratulatory Gift

Assistance in times of celebration and mourning

Leave for participation in school events, etc…