TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

We have a lineup of Pressure Relief Valves.

A relief valve works similar to the upper part of a pressure cooker which opens when the internal pressure is too high, to release the excess pressure to the surrounding atmosphere.

The detectors in analytical instruments can be protected from abnormal pressure rise in the chemical solutions or samples by the use of this valve.

We manufacture relief valves in various shapes and sizes for both liquids and gases.

This valve is designed to act as a protective device in the circuit. Some basic specifications like relief pressure, wetted material, attachments, orifice sizes etc., are listed below.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or for any questions you may have about these products.

Product Lineup

  • CMV series

    Normally-open Solenoid Valve for ventilators takasago

    CMV series

    A simple flow path valve with metal as the wetted part.

    【Sample Specifications】

    • Orifice φ4.0 Relief Pressure: 2~8 kPa
    • Orifice φ6.0 Relief Pressure: 11~14 kPa
  • CIV series

    3-way Solenoid Valve for ventilators takasago

    CIV series

    This is a highly corrosion resistant diaphragm valve with PTFE, PPS and Perfluoro elastomer being the options for the wetted parts. It can be used with strong acids and alkali as well.

    The relief pressure can also be varied.

    【Sample Specifications】

    • Orifice φ1.0 Relief Pressure :100~1000 kPa
    • Orifice φ4.0 Relief Pressure :50~80 kPa