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Diaphragm Isolation Valves - MLV Series


The MLV series is a solenoid diaphragm isolation valve with the outer dimensions of just φ30.0 x 57.2 mm. The PTFE machined diaphragm of this solenoid valve has a high chemical compatibility. The port connection can be selected from M8, 5/16-24UNF, Rc1/8 and 1/8-27NPT. Please feel free to contact us for more details of about this Diaphragm Valve - the MLV series.


Method Solenoid Diaphragm Isolation Valve
Orifice(mm) 2.5 mm
Type 2-way NC, 2-way NO, or 3-way
IN Port Pressure
-40~200 kPa
OUT Port Pressure (NC)
0~50 kPa
OUT Port Pressure (NC)(NO)
0~50 kPa
Port Connection M8, 5/16-24UNF, Rc1/8, or 1/8-27NPT
Body Material PTFE, PCTFE, HPVC, POM, or PEEK
Seal Material PTFE or FFKM
Other Wetted Materials PTFE or AL2O3
Rated Voltage 12, 24, or 90 VDC
100 VAC
Power Consumption 3.1 - 4.4 W
Operating Duration Continuous
Outer Dimensions φ30.0 x 57.2 mm
Fluid Temperature Range 0~60℃
Ambient Temperature range 0~60℃

Note: Details such as specifications, etc. may be changed without notification.

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