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Glossary for valves, pumps and related products

Takasago’s original designs

As a leading manufacturer for fluidic handling, Takasago, has been solving the troubles faced by design engineers in various ways, especially in analytical instruments where our experienced technologies are mainly adopted. In our long history of customization, we have come to set the original designs for high demand customizations as standard options for customers to select freely. Please refer to the following.


Takasago’s original designs

Zero-Internal-Volume Valve

 Reduces the residual volume of the valve chamber to the utmost limit.

Zero-Pumping-Volume Valve

 Makes the pumping volume 100 times lower than our standard valves.


 Better ability against sealing problems caused by infusion of foreign matter.


 Promotes the ventilation of a valve, and heat radiation.

Position-Feed-Back Shaft

 Enables you to monitor the movement of the plunger of a valve.

Latching Solenoid Valve

 Does not require power to maintain valve state due to the incorporation of a permanent magnet into the actuator.


 Install valves compactly and minimize the flow channels.

Technical Information

Zero-Internal-Volume Valve (Patented)

Influence of the internal-volume upon accurate analysis

Zero-Pumping-Volume Valves



Position-Feed-Back Shaft

Latching Solenoid Valve

Operation Principles of Latching Solenoid Mechanism


Double Voltage Operation

Pinch Valve Types

Universal Type of Pinch Valve

PTFE Seals

Mounting Clips


Pinch Valve Structure

Tube Setting Tool for Takasago fittings

Manifold Mountable Solenoid Valve

Insulation Class

Internal Structure of Solenoid Diaphragm Valve

Mechanism of Peristaltic Pump

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Flange Type

Metering pump -Adjusting the discharge of the metering pumps-

Metering pump -Standard test conditions-

Thread Sizes

Metering pump -The effect of suction height on pumped volume-

Dual Type of Pinch Valve

Metering pump – Effect of ambient / fluid temperature –

Metering pump -Other factors that may affect pumped volume-

Takasago’s metering pump

Duty Cycle (ED)

PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)

Flare Type (Ferrule Type)

Lead Wire Thickness Notations Used In Our Technical Information

Metering pump -Recommended installation position-

Metering pump -The effect of operating frequency on repeatability-

Resistance Method