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Proportional Diaphragm Valve - NPV Series


  • Has a very high chemical resistance due to all PTFE wetted parts.
  • Flow is controllable by changing the input voltage.
  • Has a comparatively large orifice diameter of 4 mm, which can cover a wide range of flows.


Model Number NPV-4T1/8 (1/4)
Type N.C. (Normally Closed) Proportional Type
Orifice Diameter 4 mm
Port Connection Rc1/8, Rc1/4
Wetted Material PTFE (Valve Body, Diaphragm)
Operating Pressure Range 0 - 100 kPa
Flow Control Range 0 - 30 l/min (ΔP=10 kPa, Air)
0 - 4 l/min (ΔP=100 kPa, Water)
Power Consumption 7 W (at 24 V DC)

Note: Specifications etc. may be changed at any time without notice.

Flow Characteristics

Flow Characteristics

*Note (Left Graph): Volume flowing in 1 minute and measured by gravimetry.

*Note (Right Graph): Measured by a rotameter.



*Note: Details including specifications may change without notification.

Video of the Proportional Diaphragm Valve - NPV Series

Quick Enquiry

Orifice mm
Required Pressure
Port connection Rc1/8 Rc1/4 M6 1/4-28UNF Hose barb Manifolds
Body material PEEK PTFE PPS
Seal material PEEK Perfluor FPM EPDM
Operating duration DC12V DC24V Others
Options Reduce internal volume
Low power consumption
Reduce pumping volume
High operating speed
Require a customized manifold
High ambient temperature
Lower coil temperature increase
Low operating noise
Put a connector to the lead wires


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