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Operations Principles of Latching Solenoid Mechanism

March 31, 2020

The attractive force between the pole piece and plunger by which an efficient valve's operation varies according to three factors:

  • The distance between the pole piece and the plunger (the valve's stroke)
  • The magnetic force of the coil.
  • The magnetic pull of the permanent magnet.

According to the balance of this force with the spring, the valve changes between open and closed state.

The Diagrams below shows the Example of the Pinch Valve - EL series:

Open to Closed Operation

Power OFF

 Latch 1


Permanent Magnet's Attractive Force < Spring

There is an open space between the pole piece and the plunger, and the attractive force of the permanent magnet is lower than the force of the spring.


Power ON

 Latch 2


Current flows to the coil, the electromagnetic force is created so that the attractive force increases and becomes more vital than the spring. Then, the plunger moves towards the pole piece.

Power OFF

 Latch 3


Permanent Magnet's Attractive Power > Spring

The space between the pole piece and the plunger narrows, so the attractive force strengthens. Even with reduced magnetic pressure from the coil, the attractive force is stronger than the spring's force.

Applicable Models

Latching Solenoid Diaphragm Valves Latching Solenoid Pinch Valves

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