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Metering Pump -Adjusting the Discharge of the Metering Pumps-

March 30, 2020

By turning the volume adjustment screw, the pumped volume per cycle can be changed.

Turning the volume adjustment screw clockwise (screwing the volume adjustment screw into the metering pump) decreases the pumped volume, and turning the volume adjustment screw anticlockwise (unscrewing the volume adjustment screw from the metering pump) increases the pumped volume. After adjusting, please tighten the volume adjustment screw with the locknut. The pump volume's adjustable range is limited by the number of turns, which is a few anticlockwise turns from the point where the screw is fully tightened (the pumped volume = 0 mm3). Please see the table below.

Adjustable Range of Pumped Volume

Model Number Turns
MCP-50 2
MLP-200P 3
PKP-500P 4

Note: Details such as specifications, etc., may be changed without notice.

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