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Zero-Pumping-Volume Valves

March 28, 2020


The diaphragm produces a pumping effect on a fluid as the diaphragm valve opens and closes. This effect is because the diaphragm's up-and-down movement increases and decreases the volume inside the valve chamber as the valve acts. The volume of the fluid pulled in and pushed out is called the pumping volume. As some valve models pump several microliters of fluid simultaneously, the pumping volume forms a negative factor in metering an accurate fluid volume and preventing fluid from dripping from a dispensing nozzle.

Some valve models we provide have minimal pumping volumes due to their unique internal structures or miniaturized dimensions. The EXAK Series has a distinctive design called a "Zero-Pumping-Volume Structure" that allows the pumping volume to run 100 times smaller than our standard valves. Rocker and non-diaphragm inert valves (made of inert materials like stainless steel) have minimal pumping volumes due to no volumetric change in the valve chamber during an operation. We also provide Slider Valves with pumping volumes that have been reduced to an immeasurable level.

Note: Details such as specifications, etc., may be changed without notice.


Zero-Pumping-Volume Valves:


Rocker Valves:


Non-Diaphragm Valves:


Slider Valves:


Zero-Pumping-Volume Valves table takasago original

Note: Details such as specifications, etc., may be changed without notice.


If you are looking for a valve with small pumping volume valves, our team of experts will gladly help offer you the best models, including customized valves to meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and inquiries.