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Contributing to advanced research in microgravity environments - Space Tango

Space Tango, based in the USA, specializes in providing advanced automated solutions for research and manufacturing in microgravity environments. With their extensive engineering and scientific consulting expertise, they offer comprehensive guidance to their partners throughout the entire process of designing, integrating, and operating their experiments in space. Over the past 5 years, Space Tango has been a highly satisfied customer, relying on a range of reliable and high-performance products such as RP-Q pumps, NLV diaphragm valves, and SBP syringe pumps to support a diverse array of partnership programs and projects. These initiatives encompass various fields including cell culturing, tissue chips, thin-film manufacturing, flow chemistry, plant science, and microbiology.

Challenges and Solutions

When preparing for the SpaceX CRS-25 mission, Space Tango faced specific requirements for pumps and valves that were biocompatible, sterilizable, and could fit within the confined space constraints. Moreover, the pumps for this particular payload needed to provide a consistent and precise flow rate of 125+/-25ul/min. Fortunately, Space Tango found an ideal solution in the form of the SBP syringe pump, which met all of these demanding criteria. Additionally, for other payloads utilizing RP-Q pumps, the key factors influencing the pump selection were their miniature size, along with their reliability, biocompatibility, and sterilizability.

 takasago valves and pumps for space experiment