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  • Driver Board SMAD-250A (Constant Current Circuit)
  • Driver Board SMAD-250A (Constant Current Circuit)

Driver Board SMAD-250A (Constant Current Circuit)




This is the driver board that is only compatible with the Shape Memory Alloy Valve, the SMV series. The SMAD-250A is a thin, compact, and lightweight driver board. This is a circuit board that can easily generate the required 250mA to drive an SMV from a 3V power supply.

Note: Details including specifications, etc. may be changed without notification.

We have different configurations for the SMV Series valve to match your required specifications:

  1. SMV Series [Orifice: 0.4 mm / PEEK Body]
  2. SMV Series [Orifice: 0.8 mm / PEEK Body]
  3. SMV Series [Orifice: 0.4 mm / PPS Body]
  4. SMV Series [Orifice: 0.8 mm / PPS Body]

Please feel free to contact us for more details about this driver board for the shape memory alloy valves.


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Model Number SMAD-250A
Outer Dimensions 44 x 12 x 10 mm
Type Driver Board
Rated Voltage 3~12 VDC
Weight 2 g
Control Voltage ON ≧2.0 V*1
OFF ≦0.4 V*2
Output Current 250 mA (±10%)
Connector TE Connectivity Company
EI connector

Note: Details such as specifications, etc., may be changed without notice.

*1: Do not exceed the supply voltage.

*2: Do not drop below ground voltage

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