TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Takasago’s solenoid driven metering pump

April 02, 2020

The following links give instructions on installing and using the pumps


Adjusting the discharge of the metering pumps

Recommended installation position

Standard test conditions


The set pumped volume may change or repeatability may decrease depending on usage conditions. Following are the examples of factors that affect the pumped volume and the repeatability of the metering pumps. Please note the following factors before using the metering pumps.

Factors which affect pumped volume and repeatability

The effect of operating frequency on repeatability

The effect of suction height on pumped volume

The effect of ambient temperature and fluid temperature on pumped volume and repeatability

Other factors which may affect pumped volume

Usage Precautions
> When a pre-set pumped volume is small, it may take a long time to completely displace the air inside the metering pump/piping with liquid. At the initial discharging of the metering pump, the displacement of the air can be done much faster if the pumped volume setting is set to around the maximum value.

> The displacement efficiency of gas varies according to the installation position of the metering pump. It is recommended to install in the recommended position since the position influences on the displacement of gas bubbles formed in fluid.

> The pumped volume value set may alter if the volume adjustment screw is loose. Please tighten the locknut firmly in order to prevent such a problem.

> When you decrease the pumped volume by turning the volume adjustment screw clockwise, please do not turn the volume adjustment screw with excessive torque while exceeding the adjustable range. It may cause pump failure.

>  When you increase the pumped volume by turning the volume adjustment screw anticlockwise, please do not turn the screw too much. If the volume adjustment screw is turned in excess of the maximum pumped volume, the volume adjustment screw may become detached from the metering pump and there is a risk to the internal parts of the metering pump.


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