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Mechanism of Peristaltic Pump

March 31, 2020

RP-Q1  Peristaltic Pump


Tube Friendly and Long-Life

The new-type small peristaltic pump has a structure that employs a single eccentric ring movement, which presses the tube gently and minimizes the damage to the tube through which the liquid passes.


 Peristaltic Pump 2


Features of Our Peristaltic Pumps

(1) Tube life can be made much longer than those of conventional peristaltic pumps through employment of a single eccentric ring movement.


<Conventional Peristaltic Pump>                    <Takasago's Peristaltic Pump>

Conventional Peristaltic Pump                                  Takasago's Peristaltic Pump


(2) Damage to organic matters and living body can be minimized through its gentle and mild movement mechanism.

(3) It is hygienically safer since fluid does not come into contact with any substance other than the inside surface of the tube.

(4) The simple mechanism of the pump makes possible to design even smaller size pumps than ever.



Please visit Takasago's Peristaltic Pump for more details for each model.

 RP-TX Image                           RP-Q1 Image

RP-TX Series                              RP-Q1 Series


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