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Takasago’s Products used in Micro Gas Chromatography Instruments

Ball Wave is a startup company from Tohoku University that does R&D on sensors, as well as manufacture and sell devices that use these sensors. The concept of, ‘A wave which propagates on the surface of a sphere over a long distance maintains the same width’ was key to the development of the Ball SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor. These sensors are compact, have high sensitivity and rapid response. Products that use Ball SAW sensors are ultratrace moisture analyzers and micro gas chromatography instruments.

Challenges and Solutions

The Ball Wave micro gas chromatography instrument was developed in collaboration with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). When considering space exploration applications, there were requirements for smaller, lightweight, and low-power consumption valves. These requirements lead to an interest in Takasago’s latch-type, small, and corrosion-resistant NLV series valves. Thanks to our strength and specialization in the customization of products, we also designed a customized miniature manifold according to the desired flow pattern!

After multiple iterations, Ball Wave succeeded in developing a gas chromatography instrument for space exploration. A palm size (A5 size) gas chromatograph that can be carried on the ground has also been developed, and prototypes are now available.

Palm size Gas Chromatography Instrument
Approximate Dimensions: 130x180x80 mm,
weighs 1kg

NLV series Manifold
Approximate Dimensions: 36x42x54 mm

Note: Details such as specifications, etc., may be changed without notice.

Ball Wave's micro gas chromatograph has comparable performance as a conventional tabletop gas chromatograph but is lighter, compact, and consumes less power. This enables the instrument to be carried and analyze samples on site. It is expected to be used in various applications such as real time environment measurement, biological gas measurement, and retaining the freshness of food.

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