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  • PM Series [Tubing I.D.: 1.6 mm, O.D.: 3.2 mm]
  • PM Series [Tubing I.D.: 1.6 mm, O.D.: 3.2 mm]

PM Series [Tubing I.D.: 1.6 mm, O.D.: 3.2 mm]




The PM series is a solenoid pinch valve which supports a wide range of tubing materials such as silicone, PharMed??, and Tygon??. This pinch valve can be freely used as an NC/NO type with a single tube or as a Dual type with two tubes. It can also be configured as a 3-way valve by using a Y-shaped fitting.

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Model Number PM-1605W
Outer Dimensions W39.2 x L26 x H60 mm
Method Solenoid
Type 2-way NC, 2-way NO, or 3-way
IN Port Pressure 0~50 kPa
Ambient Temperature Range 0~50°C
Rated Voltage 12 or 24 V DC
Power Consumption 4.4 W
Operating Duration Continuous
Tube Material Silicone, PharMed®, or Tygon®
Tubing Inner Diameter(mm) 1.6 mm
Tubing Outer Diameter(mm) 3.2 mm

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