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  • PE Series [Tubing I.D.: 0.8 mm, O.D.: 2.4 mm]
  • PE Series [Tubing I.D.: 0.8 mm, O.D.: 2.4 mm]

PE Series [Tubing I.D.: 0.8 mm, O.D.: 2.4 mm]

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The PE series is the smallest pinch valve in Takasago's product range with an actuator of 14 mm in diameter. This has a lineup of N.C. (Normally Closed) type, N.O. (Normally Open) type, and dual type (both N.C. and N.O.).

Please feel free to contact us for more details about this miniature solenoid pinch valve, the PE series.


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Model Number PE-0810NC-3
Outer Dimensions W21 - 39.2 x L26 x H55.1 mm
Method Solenoid
Pump Method Pinch Valve
Type 2-way N.C., 2-way N.O., 3-way
IN Port Pressure 0 ~ 100 kPa
Ambient Temperature Range 0 ~ 40 °C
Rated Voltage 12 or 24 VDC
Power Consumption 2.8 W
Operating Duration Continuous
Tube Material Silicone
Tubing Inner Diameter(mm) 0.8 mm
Tubing Outer Diameter(mm) 2.4 mm

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