TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Messages from the CEOs

Starting in October of 2020, we introduced an in-house company system and newly established a "Fluid Control System Company" and a "Future Creation Company". Under the leadership of each president, we will continue to expand our business based on quality and supply responsibility in existing fields while actively developing new technologies and new businesses. Learn more about the change.

Fluid Control System Company

President Koichi Kojima Message

Takasago Electric, Inc. is a specialized manufacturer of miniature chemically inert valves and pumps, with a company history of over 60 years. We have designed over 10,000 valves, and with our capabilities in fluidic handling device, we have offered customers technologies for automated devices and precision controls to handle liquid/gas media in the analytical instruments, environment detection systems, clinical diagnostic instruments, and many other markets in the world. The website of Takasago Electric, Inc. is operated under the name of “Takasago Fluidic Systems”.

Our corporate headquarter is located in Japan (Nagoya, Aichi). In addition to our Chinese subsidiary and branch office in the United States (Westborough, Massachusetts), we are promoting global expansion through our sales network around the world. We are currently in a time where we can’t just focus on domestic markets, but we need to expand our business globally. Each part of the world has their own requirements in their markets, and we will need to continue to support each need in a timely fashion.

We will be creating an in-house company system to expand our existing businesses and continue to develop new businesses. Our Fluid Control Systems Company will further develop our core technologies which we have accumulated since our founding days, advance our technical proposals using our problem-solving skills, improve our marketing skills to fulfill any technical skills, and continue to create one-of-a-kind products to the world.

As a specialized manufacturer of fluid control systems, we will strive to be the most trusted company that provides solutions that are indispensable to the world, to meet the market needs of each region of the world.

We appreciate your continuous support and business.

Future Creation Company

President Haruyuki Hiratani Message

We, Takasago Electric Inc., have released more than 10,000 different type of valves as well as pumps for 50 countries. Since our products are utilized in variety of fields such as medical, aerospace and regenerative medicine, we have to continuously refine our skills and meet their special requirements. Thanks to these 60-years business experiences with variety of customers, we could spawn fresh ideas and boost our technical capabilities, result in piling up our unbeatable know-how which no one catch up with.

Taking advantage of these heritage, we, Future Creation Company, would like to almost always rise to the occasion, be flexible to adapt to environment changes with unprecedented speed, and consecutively innovate technologies.