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Smart Wearable Infusion Pump


  • Feedback from an ultra small flow sensor achieved high precision of ±3% when the pump delivered an extremely small flow of around 60µl/hour in tests. It also enables the system to detect errors such as tube kinking.
  • Tubes and the sensor are designed to be disposable and sterilizable.
  • Wearable size of 66 x 55 x 23 mm including the battery. Approximately 60 g.
  • Max flow rate is 50 μl/min.
  • Peristaltic, syringe, piezo diaphragm, electroosmotic, and other pump options may be selected depending on the application.

Note: Specifications etc. may be changed at any time without notice.      

More Information

You can learn about the Ultra-Small Peristaltic Pump that is used for this concept model.

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