TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

HVA/HVAL Series Valves


  • ・2 MPa pressure rating.
  • ・Compact and lightweight.
  • ・ISO19683 vibration and shock requirements met (HVA-2-MFE).


Model Number HVA-2-N1E HVA-2-MFE HVAL-2-MFE
Solenoid Type Normally Closed Latching
Orifice Diameter 0.4 mm
Port Connection Pipe Gasket (Manifold Mount)
Operating Pressure Range 0 ~ 2 MPa (Inlet Port)
Temperature Range -20 ~ 70 ˚C *1
Rated Voltage 12 VDC、 24 VDC
Holding Voltage 3 VDC N/A
Power Consumption Rated Voltage 12 W 24 W
Holding Voltage 0.8 W N/A
Duty Cycle Rated Voltage Intermittent ED: 0.5%
Maximum On Time: 10 s
Intermittent ED: 0.5%
On Time: 0.2 ~ 1 s
Holding Voltage Continuous N/A
Sealing Material EPDM (Optionally FKM, FFKM)
Outer Dimensions Dia.6.2 × L58 mm Dia.6.2 × L31.4 mm
Weight 8g

*1: The temperature range may change depending on the sealing material.

Note: Details including specifications may change at any time without notification.

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