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Disposable Flow Cytometer with Low-Pulsation Chip Pumps


  • A PDMS chip incorporating a peristaltic pumping function, whereby rollers rotate and compress a Ω-shaped channel to directly pump the liquid inside. The PDMS chip is replaceable and sterilizable.
  • Pulsations, which are the drawbacks of conventional peristaltic pumps, are greatly reduced to the level acceptable for a flow cytometer or a cell sorter. See the red line of the graph below.
  • This is a conceptual model of a disposable flow cytometer, in which a sample flow pump, two sheath flow pumps, and a flow cell are incorporated onto one chip. This can be easily replaced for each fluid.

Pulsation comparison with conventional type



See the video of a Chip Pump in action.

A PDMS chip can be optimally customized according to your fluid channel requirements.
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