TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Capillary Tube Fittings



  • Pressure capability of -90 ~ 700 kPa at temperature range of 5 ~ 60℃.
  • Flat bottom seal design that enables easier machining on female port compared to tapered seal design.
  • Customization to meet customer’s tubing diameters is possible.


How to Connect

*You can connect this fitting to a female port by simply screwing it into the port after a capillary tube is inserted into the seal joint and the male connecter.



Standard Models and Applicable Tubing Diameters

Model Number Tubing Outer Diameter Tubing Inner Diameter Seal Joint Inner Diameter Port Connection
CJM4-0375 0.375mm 0.1~0.15mm 0.2mm M4
CJM6-1/32 1/32 inch
0.012~0.016 inch
0.4mm M6


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