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March 21th is "Valve day"!

March 20, 2024

March 21st is "Valve Day".

This is not a well-known fact, but this derives from the fact that the Japan Valve Manufacturers' Association was founded on this day in 1954.

To commemorate this day, we have a quick valve quiz for you!
Among those who answer correctly, 20 lucky winners will be selected to receive an Amazon gift certificate (email type) worth JPY 1000!
Please answer the quiz using the form below.


1. What kind of valve can reduce power consumption in consideration of SDGs?

  1. ・Diaphragm valve
  2. ・Non-diaphragm valve
  3. ・Solenoid valve with latching mechanism
Here is a hint.


2. One solution to improve analytical accuracy and valve cleanability is to reduce the internal volume of the diaphragm valve. What is the term for a structure with zero valve chamber volume?

  1. ・Zero dead volume
  2. ・Zero stress volume
  3. ・Zero calorie volume

Here is a hint.


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We look forward to a lot of your application!

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