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Pinch Valve Structure

March 25, 2020


Pinch Valve Structure - Main Image


A pinch valve is a valve that can open/close a tube by moving a pinching head (see the red square parts in the above pictures) to control the flow of fluid. As the wetted part is only the tubing, one of the features of the pinch valve is the prevention of cross contamination because the flow channel can be kept clean at all times by just replacing the tubing. It is therefore suitable for medical, clinical or analytical instruments. It can also be used for liquid containing solid particles (slurry). Furthermore, the pinch valve has the advantages of a low pressure loss and less stagnant liquid.


Takasago Fluidic Systems provides you with various solenoid pinch valves. Please visit the list of our solenoid pinch valves

If you don't find any suitable solenoid pinch valves, we can offer you our customization's to meet your tubing if you provide us with your sample tubing.