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Takasago was covered in an article by "Nikkei Business" (Topic: Space Industry)

March 31, 2021

Takasago’s work in the space business was covered in a unique feature of "Big Bang in the Space Industry has finally arrived", which was published in the March 15th issue of the famous economic magazine “Nikkei Business” and posted online on the same day.

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The future is quickly approaching where people would “live in outer space,” and there are growing demands for space-compatible technologies in the field of clothing, food, and housing.

We believe Takasago can use its accumulated fluidic controls technologies from water treatments, cell cultures, various analyzers, fuel cells, and other products, together with space-related technologies from thrusters and space experiment systems to provide contributions to the “Space Life Systems” and the “Space Residence Systems” such as the following:

  • Water recycling equipment, resource recycling systems
  • Oxygen / Hydrogen generation system by water electrolysis
  • Fuel cell and power generation system
  • Closed plant (vegetation) factory
  • Land aquafarming
  • Cell culturing device to culture meat and microalgae
  • 3D food printer and seasoning printer

The space beer brewing device featured in this article is also the first experiment in humankind to see how yeast works in a microgravity environment compared to earth conditions. We believe that this experiment would contribute to other similar fermented foods and beverages such as bread, seasoning, and wine. We are also looking forward to a wide range of support from those who have the technical and/or financial capabilities to launch this project successfully.

Space Beer Introduction

*Note: Picture of introducing the beer brewing apparatus during the interview.


Space Beer Device Prototype

*Note: A prototype view of the space beer brewing device “KamoSAT”.

Please feel free to contact our public relations department for more information about the space beer brewing device's features.