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Takasago thruster valve will be launched into space on the Epsilon launch vehicle

June 22, 2023

After a long and arduous qualification process, Takasago's HVC series of small high-pressure thruster valves will be specced in the second-stage RCS (attitude control system) of the Epsilon launch vehicle*.

The HVC series will be used on the next launch of the Epsilon launch vehicle and will be the first thruster valve manufactured by Takasago to be launched into space.

The HVC series is a stainless-steel valve developed for satellite propulsion systems, and its non-sliding moving parts make it ideal not only for space applications, but also for use in high-pressure systems where particle generation is not welcomed.

More information about HVC Series is here;

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*The Epsilon launch vehicle is a solid motor rocket developed by JAXA and IHI Aerospace for launching small satellites.