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Solar-powered Portable Fluidic Unit for Diagnostic Systems

August 21, 2019

One of our company strengths is the miniaturization of fluidic devices, which can also reduce power consumption as a result. Takasago has developed a demo IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics) unit that is powered just by an A4 size solar panel. This is for our customers to realize how small the power requirement can be. At medical shows including COMPAMED and MD&M West, we demonstrated this solar-powered unit for carrying out basic immunodiagnostic processes even in places with no other power supply, for example, in developing areas. As the unit employs a disposable chip, it is easy to change the flow diagram to fit with other IVD processes. We hope this unit will contribute to improving the quality of health care in developing countries.

Main features

  1. Because it uses a solar panel as the power source, it can be used in areas without electrical infrastructure.
  2. It is very portable and can be easily transported to isolated areas.
  3. Due to the simple structure and inexpensive parts, the product is affordable and can assist the spread of IVD instruments in developing countries.
  4. All of the parts that come in contact with blood are disposable. This simplifies operation and reduces the risk of blood infection.

Solar-powered Portable Fluidic Unit for Diagnostic Systems takasago

Solar-powered Portable Fluidic Unit for Diagnostic Systems takasago

In the future, we will work with medical device manufacturers to incorporate the unit into a complete system.

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