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Smart Fluidic Systems at MEDICA/COMPAMED

November 16, 2019

Sensing technology is greatly evolving fluidic systems. TFS offers new possible applications for micro pumps in collaboration with Sensirion (a Swiss flow sensor manufacturer). At MEDICA/COMPAMED, the largest medical exhibition in Europe, we will demonstrate two application examples.

  1. Smart & Wearable Infusion Pump
    Feedback control from an ultra-small flow sensor achieved high precision of ± 3% when the pump delivered an extremely small flow of around 60µl/hour in tests. It also enables the system to detect errors such as tube-kinking. This functionality ensures the high safety of drug delivery systems such as insulin pumps. The concept model we will exhibit this time has a wearable size of 66 x 55 x 23 mm including a battery, and will demonstrate high-precision flow control live at the exhibition. Tubes and sensors are designed to be disposable.

    Please see our video for the operation of the pump alone.
    Smart & Wearable Infusion Pump takasago
    * The flow sensor feedback control function of this concept model is currently being suspended or improved. Prototype supply of this model is ongoing.

  2. Smart & Easy Dispensing Module
    Smart & Easy Dispensing Module takasagoHigh-precision dispensing can be carried out easily even with a peristaltic pump, which has a pulsating flow. Simply enter the target dispensing volume and a high-precision flow sensor monitors the total flow to give feedback-control to the pump. No need to control an expensive and complicated syringe pump anymore. The ultra-small dispensing model that we exhibit at the show can achieve a high precision of ± 1% with a dispensing volume of 300 μl or more. The control system can be used in any combination with various types of pumps.

    These exhibits can be viewed at the booth of BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH (#K07, hall 8A). In addition, there are new products such as a diaphragm pump with a standard flow rate of 500 ml and various isolation valves. The exhibition is held on 18 - 21 November. See you in Düsseldorf.

In addition to the above, we will exhibit various other fluidic products at stand #K07, hall 08A.

============= Exhibition Outline =============
COMPAMED (co-located with MEDICA)
Exhibition Dates: 18 - 21 November, 2019
Location: Messeplatz 40474, Düsseldorf, Germany
Stand: hall 8a / K07 (Co-exhibiting with BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH)

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