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Automated 3D Perfusion System 【Under Development】

January 27, 2016

Suitable for 3D tissue cultivation takasago

Suitable for 3D tissue cultivation

Conventional perfusion methods use basically the same structure as static cultivation and just replace a medium slowly and continuously, where the flow of the medium only passes over the layer of cells. Our new system utilises cell culture inserts and enables 3-dimensional perfusion that can permeate through tissues or spheroids, and makes the culture closer to an in-vivo condition. The 3D perfusion has following advantages:

  1. Culture medium reaches deeper parts of tissues or spheroids in comparison to conventional perfusion methods, possibly keeping them active for longer.
  2. Sequential reactions can be expected because secretions from upstream cells can act on downstream cells.

Continuously usable in an incubator for an extended period of time. Cell growth is observable from the upper side.

Flow Schematic

cell culture insert takasago

The culture medium is automatically fed into the plate and then pumped out from the insert after soaking through the membrane filter.

We can also offer a more advanced culture system that has automatic monitoring functions for fluid temperature, pH, and oxygen in the medium.

Note: Details including specifications may change without notification.