TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Diram s.r.o.

The Diram s.r.o. in Czech Republic Chez has been developing and manufacturing equipment for devices used in the electrochemical analysis, measuring radiation, microscopical image analysis, and analyzing waste.

Our high-pressure 3-way valves are used in Diper 4K/50, which elutes heavy metal included in landfill wastes.

Challenges and Solutions

Takasago was given the challenge to meet the following valve requirements:

  • - Chemically harsh liquid, which decays metal, is used in the device, and all wetted materials should be non-metal.
  • - High pressure is required to conduct elution into the sample in the cylinder.

Takasago’s MTV series met all the requirements above, and Diram s.r.o. decided to adopt our proposal. Diram s.r.o. are very satisfied with the small, high pressure and diaphragm type valve, with non-metallic wetted materials, which are our strength.

Summary of Reasons Diram s.r.o. chose our Valve

  • - Compact in size: (φ25 x 58mm)
  • - All wetted materials are non-metallic (PTFE, AL2O3, PEEK)
  • - High-pressure rating (600 kPa)

Our valves are used in the device shown in the images below.