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Blossom Coffee, Inc.

Professional coffee brewer incorporated custom pinch valves with excellent heat resistance

BLOSSOM ONE BREWER and takasago pinch valves inside

Blossom Coffee, Inc. is a design and development company in San Francisco, USA specializing in coffee equipment. The newly developed coffee brewer is a professional grade product that can control the supply temperature of beans and hot water that affects the taste and aroma of coffee in the range of 50 to 95 ° C in 0.5 ° C increments. This special brewer has been introduced in global media, such as ABC and BBC networks, and are also sold worldwide including Japan.

Challenges and Solutions

During early stages of development, the coffee brewer prototypes were equipped with pinch valves from other manufacturers. However, due to frequent valve failures, they reached out to Takasago for possible solutions. Our engineers found that the cause of the failure was the rise in ambient temperature inside the equipment due to the heat from the hot water. To solve this problem, we proposed an unique pinch valve that uses a custom coil with higher heat resistance than our standard product, and they adopted it.

They were very happy that we responded faster than traditional valve manufacturers and were able to solve their problem. The development of the coffee brewer was completed on schedule and the product was successfully launched at the end of 2015.