TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

Kumamoto University in Japan

case study of TAKASAGO Fluidic Systems -  Kumamoto university in Japan

Customer’s field and the device features

A Portable μTAS (micro Total Analysis Systems), which is an analytical instrument that uses micro-channels to detect the concentration of the atmospheric pollutant gasses SO2 and H2S.

Customer’s problems and our solutions

The customer’s wished to downsize an application that pours 10~20μL/min of diluted sulphuric acid and fluorescein mercury acetate (FMA) into a micro-channel, such that it becomes portable. In response, we proposed a small, lightweight and highly inert shape memory alloy driven valve as a miniature pump and achieved the customer’s requirements.


The customer succeeded in developing a small sized portable analyzer and it obtained good results in detecting gas emitted from the craters of Mt. Aso and tidal flats of the Ariake Sea, both of which are located in Kumamoto prefecture, the southern part of Japan. The result was announced at The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry.