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Adoption of "SBP Series Syringe Pump" at Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine

Research on "Regenerated Kidneys produced in Animal Embryos"


Cell transplantation into Mouse Embryos using a SBP series Pen-Type Syringe Pump.

Dr. Shuichiro Yamanaka from the Department of Nephrology and Hypertension, Tokyo Jikei Medical University (Japan), is researching kidney regeneration as a new treatment for renal failure. In order to regenerate a functional kidney, a kidney bud, also called a "Kidney Seed," is made. Previous studies have shown successful transplantation of "Kidney Seed" into rats with renal failure to produce urine (Yokote S, PANS, 2015, Fujimoto T, Cell Reports, 2020).

Challenges and Solutions

To make a "Kidney Seed," stem cells must be transplanted into a small kidney during the fetal stage. An electric injector using Takasago Electric's pen-type syringe pump -SBP series, helps with the transplantation.

Recent studies have indicated kidney regeneration in young and organ-deficient animals upon transplantation of kidney-specific stem cells called renal progenitor cells using an electric injector ((Yamanaka S, JASN), 2019). In the future, the lab aims to develop regenerated kidneys in large animals such as pigs and use them to treat patients with renal failure.

Reasons and Technical Considerations for Adoption of this pump:


Takasago Electric's electric injector was adopted due to the pump being driven by a motor to control fine movements and its excellent ability to eject cells, making it ideal for micro transplantation into a closed space such as the fetus.