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October 15, 2015

Special Campaign for Miniature Low-cost Valves!

Takasago is developing a tiny shape-memory-alloy-driven valve for microTAS applications like POCT, and is going to launch mass-production next year, which we believe will contribute to a significant cost reduction. The price for this valve is expected to be at a disposable level. We will be exhibiting the valve at the microTAS conference held in Korea on October 25 - 29, 2015, and will be conducting a special campaign at the exhibition. With this campaign, you can receive a functioning sample valve free of charge to try in your application by filling out a questionnaire. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate this miniature low-cost valve. In addition, we will also be exhibiting many useful items for microTAS and life science applications at the conference. We look forward to seeing you at our booth #4.

Highlighted Exhibits at microTAS 2015

  1. Miniature Low-cost Valve SMV Series
  2. Various Syringe Terminations for Pen-type Syringe Pump
  3. Portable Medium Exchange System for 6-well Plates
  4. Embeddable Disposable Pump - Chip Pump

1. Miniature Low-cost Valve SMV Series

This tiny shape-memory-alloy-driven valve meets many requirements for POCT applications, including a compact size of 19 x 18.4 x t4 mm, a light weight of 1 g, low power consumption of 0.3 W, and quiet operation. Its simple internal structure allows a significant cost reduction to a disposable level when it is mass-produced. Gamma sterilization is possible. Patented.

Special Campaign

At the exhibition, we will be happy to provide you with a functioning SMV valve sample free of charge if you fill out a questionnaire, in order that more people may easily test and evaluate it. Please make use of this opportunity to test this miniature low-cost valve.

2. Various Syringe Terminations for Pen-type Syringe Pump

Our Pen-type Syringe Pump provides a needle, Luer Lock, M6 or 1/4-28UNF threads and an attachment for our ultra-small 3-way valve. In addition to these syringe terminations, a disposable tip adaptor and tuberculin syringe adaptor (under development) have been newly added to the lineup. With these adaptors, Eppendorf(R), epT.I.P.S., 2-200 μl or the Terumo(R) Tuberculin Syringe SS-01T can be attached to our Pen-type Syringe Pump SBP series. The tip or tuberculin syringe can be replaced after use.
Details of the Pen-type Syringe Pump:

3. Portable Medium Exchange System for 6-well Plates (under development, patent pending)

Portable Medium Exchange System for 6-well Plates

This system was exhibited at the 2015 TERMIS World Congress last month and has gained a high reputation from biotech researchers. The system realizes automatic culture medium exchange at low cost. The system can operate continuously in an incubator for one week by battery power.
The Automated Perfusion Culture System is also available (under development, patent pending).

4. Embeddable Disposable Pump - Chip Pump

Embeddable Disposable Pump - Chip Pump takasago

A peristaltic pumping function is incorporated into a PDMS chip, whereby liquid inside can be directly pumped by rollers. The PDMS chip is replaceable and can be autoclaved. Besides our standard triangular chips, you can design your own chip (see the image above). The key to the pump is an Ω-shaped channel. Patent pending.

----- Exhibition Information: microTAS 2015 ----
Takasago Fluidic Systems will exhibit the products mentioned above. We look forward to seeing you at our booth, #4.

=============== Exhibition Outline ===============
The 19th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (microTAS 2015)
Exhibition Dates: October 25 - 29, 2015
Location: Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO)
507, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, zip 780-270, Republic of Korea
Booth Number: 4