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Welcome to Takasago Fluidic Systems, a leading manufacturer of valves, pumps and manifolds.

Product Videos
Product Videos
Our miniature and inert valves are used for medical/analytical instruments, clinical analyzers, biotechnology equipment, HPLC, printers, etc. Consists of diaphragm valves, pinch valves, air-operated valves, etc. We take custom orders. Takasago’s chemical pump are small/lightweight and suitable for microfluidic delivery, auto samplers, ink-jet printers, cell culture, etc. We have diaphragm pumps, piezoelectric pumps, syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, etc. Besides standard manifolds, we design custom manifolds to meet your requirements, which contribute to cost reduction for mass production. Fluidic control modules equipped with miniature valves and micro pumps are available. Download demonstration videos on various fluidic devices such as micro pumps, valves, microfluidic modules, flow control systems, etc. These videos will help you understand how our products work.

Takasago's original designs. Special designs to meet your needs are also available.

Zero-Internal-Volume Valve
Reduces the residual volume of the valve chamber to the utmost limit.
Zero-Pumping-Volume Valve
Makes the pumping volume 100 times lower than our standard valves.
Better ability against sealing problems caused by infusion of foreign matter.
Promotes the ventilation of a valve, and heat radiation.
Position-Feed-Back Shaft
Enables you to monitor the movement of the plunger of a valve.
Latching Solenoid Valve
Does not require power to maintain valve state due to the incorporation of a permanent magnet into the actuator.
Install valves compactly and minimize the flow channels.

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