TFS Takasago Fluidic Systems

What is Takasago Fluidic Systems all about?

We locate in center of Japan, Nagoya-city, AICHI prefecture.

We have been manufacturing miniature chemically inert valves and pumps. Our products are widely used in cutting-edge fields such as medical diagnosis, environmental measurement, specific substance detection e.g. protein, and quality management including food safety.

Our business model is so called “vertical Integration” meaning conducting R&D, design, and manufacturing in house.

Our strength is the ability to manufacture one-of-a-kind products by customizing them to meet customer’s needs.

For this reason, since our establishment in 1959, we have created more than 10,000 kinds of products in total in more than 50 countries.

  • Cosmetics

  • Foodstuffs

  • Home appliances

  • Automobiles

  • Shipbuilding

  • Aviation

  • Aerospace

  • Water Analysis

  • Agriculture

  • Environmental Analysis

  • Medical

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Cell Culture

How come they choose Takasago Fluidic Systems?
Because, we have competitive edges shown below.

  • Customization: We take custom order even if it’s just one order.

  • Miniaturization: Taking advantage of our unbeatable precision microfluidic control technique, we specialize in small size of products even world smallest.

  • Integration: To meet customer’s requirement, we assemble several valves, pumps and/or other peripheral equipment and provide.

Our philosophy

Helping innovators realize their dreams !
Homework First ! Technology Second !
Faster, Wider, More enthusiastic !

Our corporate mission is “Helping innovators of the world realize their dreams”.

Our customers encompass every field from the micro world of cells to the vastness of space, order us with high-technical difficulty. Therefore, we can always refine our ever-evolving technological capabilities through repeated trial and error. 

What we provide is not mass-produced industrial products but provide solutions to our customer’s problems. As we are the only one who have the technology, engineers and innovators in the world will approach us. That is the reason why we are so called the last resort company for our customers. In order to address customer’s outstanding issues, existing idea is not enough. We need further difficult request from customer to produce unprecedented product. Because these make our ability improve more. No one catch up with us in terms of number of challenge, idea and know-how. That is the reason how come our product is far superior to the competitors one.

Haruyuki Hiratani


Hi guys, I am Haru Hiratani, CEO of Takasago Fluidic Systems.

Different from the past, we dive into an ear in which there are no right answers. No one expect what happen in future. How does Artificial Intelligence plunder human’s job? It is really a challenge, but we should away from stale ways of thinking and have to take on bold by all means. If some truly transformative technology, such as electric car or airplane crop up, this situation is really excruciating for the tier two or three suppliers.

Current player may back off, instead new comer will pitch in. This is, by all accounts, unbeatable business chance for us. In the light of the drastically changing circumstances, every effort is being made to beef up our technological capabilities whenever we should be ready to go.

Thoughts on Recruitment

I myself have diverse experiences. By working in the US as well as in France, I touched on variety of culture and business style. My experiences suggest that if one works different country, be sure to see “chemistry” with a company there. It seems “high-stakes gambling”, though try to drive a hard bargain!

Human Capital Development

Although we are not well-known company, we put our focus more on “have work experience which give huge impact on the world”, “can work together with talented co-workers”, and “can refine your skill and carrier”. In fact, we have some concrete plan to support employee career development.

First of all, so called “come gather around this topic!”. I myself propose a project and ask everyone if one wants to pitch in. if yes, one can join project as the member. As we rely on one’s independence, never force them to do something like “Do this anyway! It’s a business order”.

Second of all, so called “Ultimate OJT (On the Job Training)”. I myself take a lead of a project with a strong ownership and show you by conducting together. Establishment of overseas office, business deal with foreign company, or launching new business from the scratch are the example. In these cases, mere knowledge nor study in class room is useless, OJT by me would be the only way for the job training.

As a base of the system that provides opportunities for such capability improvement, we also have a well-developed system that allows for greater freedom in the way we work. For example, we have a remote work and flex-time system, and also allow to do side jobs. Taking advantage of these system, you experience our jobs. We hope you could be a powerful business person who is active both inside and outside the company. I am always thinking that even if you leave Takasago Fluidic Systems, I want to tell you “I hope we can work together again someday, somewhere.”. I would like to train employees who I can think of in this way.

If you agree this concept, please join us and create together a new and exciting future.

Success of seniors

Participated in a new project on cell culture from the time I joined the company. Actively involved in what I thought looked interesting, and was dispatched to a venture company to learn how to start up a business.

I studied cell culture at university. I decided to join Takasago Fluidic Systems because they were about to start a new business on regenerative medicine, and I thought I could make use of what I had learned at university. As it turned out, only a few percent of what I learned at university could be put to use.

The regenerative medicine business was just early stage, so it was a series of challenges. Normally, there would be a team specializing in shipping, but in our case, everything was new, including products, inspections, and shipping. Therefore, I learned a lot from the wide range of work I had to do on my own, from meeting with customers to designing and delivering products.

The cell culture project was derived and I became involved in the development of equipment for cell culture in space.

The "Portable Medium Exchange System" developed in the regenerative medicine business has been adopted for a JAXA project and its model change to space specifications has started. The system is planned to be used for exchanging solutions such as culture media and reagents in cell culture experiments conducted in the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the ISS.

Various specifications change were requested for use in space. Many items had to be cleared, such as weight reduction, miniaturization, and vibration resistance, and the model was changed through repeated trial and error. Finally, in September 2021, with launch of the rocket it safely left for the space station.

When I heard the news, I thought, "Our equipment is being used by astronauts on the ISS.... It is difficult to express in words, but I was very moved.

From an engineer's perspective to a marketing perspective. Launching a new business made me realize a new way of looking at things.

During the launch of the regenerative medicine business, I felt how much important the marketing strategy. Even if you create a good product, it is meaningless if it does not sell. What kind of product is needed? How and to whom should we sell it? After I learned that we must develop products with this perspective in mind, I began to think more from a management perspective.

Then, as part of the company's "Come gather around this topic!" a start-up company in the agricultural industry was short on staff and asked if anyone would be interested in supporting them. I thought it sounded interesting, so I ran for the position. Then, I was dispatched to the company once a week to experience a variety of work.

For example, participated in meetings alongside the president, supported the preparation of presentation materials, and experienced firsthand the creation of a new business.

Career paths at Takasago Fluidic Systems are extremely diverse. Some, like myself, have started from being an engineer to a generalist involved in marketing, while others have become professionals who have focused solely on engineering. Because the company takes the will of the individual into consideration, it is a company where people with a strong sense of curiosity can continue to grow.

Open Positions


I involve becoming familiar with the customer's industry, designing valves, and improving existing products to meet the customer's needs. Based on the required specifications that I hears from the customer, I design products by trial and error, replacing parts, making new parts, and so on.

My job is not only to design, but also to test and verify if the product one designed really meets the customer's requirements and that it performs well. I am also a multi-player who can handle CAD drafting, fluid analysis, simulation, and prototyping. In addition to knowledge of valves, pumps, and fluid control, it is also very important to know the trends in customer’s industry. This is because different industries have different technology needs.

My main mission is to help innovators around the world realize their dreams while experiencing state-of-the-art technologies and the world every day and feeling my own growth through trial and error.

Sales Engineer

We receive several hundred inquiries a year via the web and distributors. Our main job is to "provide the best products that the customer needs. Customers who are familiar with valves are relatively easy to communicate with, but there are some customers who know nothing about valves, and we sometimes receive obscure inquiries such as "I want to do this kind of experiment!”.

In order to provide such customers with optimal products, we listen carefully to the details of experiments and specification conditions to materialize their requirements. Therefore, I am required the ability to make proposals, solve problems, and listen attentively.

We also participate in exhibitions held around the world to explain our products, travel to our customers around the world, and work hard every day. We are always on the lookout for the latest information from all over the world and are always striving to create new products. We are constantly faced with challenging issues, such as language, industry, and culture, in order to provide the best solutions to our customers.


Development work involves, based on our own ideas, proposing, designing, and verifying new products based on customer needs. Designers develop applications for existing products, but for types that have never been made before, development staff handle from scratch. When it comes to the development of new products, creativity is required to create something new from zero.

In addition, the work often requires new technologies, which means that we cannot use much of our existing in-house know-how. Therefore, we do not always go well. However, I always rise to the occasion and enjoy taking on challenges, including the process of trial and error. These satisfy my intellectual curiosity.

Another part of my job is not only to respond to customer requests, but also to grasp global trends, create unprecedented products, and cultivate new industries.