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Automated 3D Perfusion System 【Under Development】


Suitable for 3D tissue cultivation

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January 27, 2016 12:01 PM

Ultra-small Dispensing Module (Under Development)


This module meters liquid for dispensing. Every time the button on
the controller (external input also possible) is pushed, the module releases
the liquid metered by the sample loop from the needle. Its small dimensions of 38.3
x 41.3 x 37.4mm and light weight of approx.
25g enable it to be mounted on moving elements.

(Please refer to the flow diagram below for the

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November 10, 2015 00:11 AM

Portable Medium Exchange System (Patent Pending)


  Automates the process of medium exchange at a specific time interval.

  Battery-operated. Usable in an incubator.

  A standard 6-well plate can be used with this system.

  Wells are observable on a microscope.

  Can be remodeled into a perfusion culture system.

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June 05, 2015 00:06 AM

MINIATURE LOW-COST VALVE SMV Series (Under Development)



This valve is driven by a piece
of shape memory alloy, giving it the following features: 

– Compact and light weight: 19 x
18.4 x t4 mm and 1.5 g (approx.).

– Silent operation 

– Low power consumption – 0.3 W
or less. 

– Low cost and disposable.

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June 05, 2015 00:06 AM

Microfluidic Chip Module (Under Development) (Patent Pending)

Microfluidic Chip Module.png

For Cell Culture, Microreactor, etc.


– With this system, flow
schematics can be customized by laying out chips with different functions in a
holder specially designed for each module.

– Each function chip has the
same shape but a different built-in device, such as a valve, peristaltic pump,
or chamber, etc.

– The chips are replaceable
and sterilizable.

– Wetted materials: PDMS
(chip) & stainless steel (connecting pipe)

– Microscope stage size (Same size with well-plates)

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August 26, 2014 00:08 AM

Remote Control System For Peristaltic Pumps and Syringe Pumps (Under development)


wirelessly for remote control

Android application* is for the easy and wireless remote control of
our Micro Peristaltic Pumps and Pen-type Syringe Pumps. A separate controller**
is required to operate the pumps. The controller has a mode switch to choose a
Micro Peristaltic Pump or a Pen-type Syringe Pump.

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October 01, 2013 17:10 PM

All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip (Under development)

All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip Photos.png
All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip Photos Flow Diagram.png

This all-in-one system on a disposable PDMS chip is a microfluidic
module designed for cell culture. It has peristaltic pumps, miniature valves,
and a built-in cell culture space which can be observed under a microscope. The
replaceable chip is
sterilizable before use. A remote controller using
an Android application is available for this module upon

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October 01, 2013 00:10 AM

SOLENOID-DRIVEN SHEAR VALVE 2-position 6-port Valve



      For Sample Injection or Metering

   in a LC (Liquid Chromatography)


Features of 2-position 6-port Valve

This is the first solenoid-driven linearly-actuating valve that realises the same functions as a motor-driven rotary valve. As it is solenoid-driven, a stepper motor or a driver is not required. It is economical and easy to operate, comparing to the conventional rotary valve. 


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October 06, 2011 00:10 AM

Solenoid Driven Injector (For liquid chromatography)




                                                                         This product is under development.

This is a solenoid driven injector for injecting a small volume of samples into a baseline in various analytical instruments, such as those for liquid chromatography. As it is driven by a solenoid, it is more economical and easier to operate compared to a conventional stepper motor driven injector.

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February 22, 2010 00:02 AM

Film Chip (Patent Pending) Under development



Movie>>> 1224 KB / 5.4 MB

Application Example Video>>> 698 KB / 2.5 MBUltra-small Solenoid Valve FV Series and Film Chip with Y-Shaped channel configuration.

The Film Chip is small, lightweight and made by engraving precise channels in layers of bonded chemically-inert Polyimide (PI) etc. Compared to the current acrylic manifold, the Film Chip exceeds in chemical inertness and can be significantly smaller.
Furthermore, with a minimum layer thickness of only 75 μm, the Film Chip has the following notable characteristics.

1. Bendable.
2. Easy control of channel temperature


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June 15, 2007 00:06 AM