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Welcome to Takasago Fluidic Systems, a leading manufacturer of valves, pumps and manifolds

Useful Fluidic Items for MicroTAS & Life Science

Special Campaign for
Miniature Low-cost Valves!


Takasago is developing a
tiny shape-memory-alloy-driven valve for microTAS applications like POCT, and
is going to launch mass-production next year, which we believe will contribute
to a significant cost reduction. The price for this valve is expected to be at
a disposable level. We will be exhibiting the valve at the microTAS conference
held in Korea on October 25 – 29, 2015, and will be conducting a special
campaign at the exhibition. With this campaign, you can receive a functioning
sample valve free of charge to try in your application by filling out a
questionnaire. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate
this miniature low-cost valve. In addition, we will also be exhibiting many
useful items for microTAS and life science applications at the conference. We
look forward to seeing you at our booth #4.



Highlighted Exhibits at
microTAS 2015

1. Miniature Low-cost
Valve SMV Series

2. Various Syringe
Terminations for Pen-type Syringe Pump

3. Portable Medium
Exchange System for 6-well Plates

4. Embeddable Disposable
Pump – Chip Pump


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October 15, 2015 00:10 AM