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Solenoid valve WBV Series


Designed for dialysis machines

& waste lines


 Internal structure optimized for a compact size with a larger flow (orifice
dia. 4 mm) than conventional valves.

– Power consumption reduced by approximately 40% compared to equivalent
models by other manufactures.

– Operating pressure range of -90 to 300 kPa for both IN and OUT
ports, enabling the valve to operate properly when a pump reverses its flow.

– Compatible with fluid temperatures of up to 95°C, making it applicable in dialysis machine flushing processes. Wetted materials are also resistant to washing liquids such as sodium hypochlorite.

– Coil covered by a case, eliminating concerns of liquids splashing
on the valve during maintenance.

– Three types of port connections available, including O-ring types,
which can be mounted directly on a balance chamber.

– Also suitable for waste lines of various instruments.

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November 12, 2014 00:11 AM

MICRO PLANAR PERISTALTIC PUMP – Chip Pumps – (Patent Pending)

Chip Pump.png


A peristaltic pumping function is incorporated into a PDMS
chip, whereby liquid inside can be directly pumped by rollers.

The PDMS chip is replaceable and sterilizable.

Besides our standard triangular chips, you can design
your own chip. The key is an Ω-shaped channel. See image below.

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November 10, 2014 00:11 AM