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Welcome to Takasago Fluidic Systems, a leading manufacturer of valves, pumps and manifolds

Invitation to Micro TAS 2013

Takasago will exhibit a wide range of microfluidic solutions at Micro TAS 2013 (the 17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences). The exhibition will be held during 28 - 31 October, 2013 at the Messe Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany. Our exhibits will focus on easy-to-use devices and systems that support your microfluidic applications. Looking forward to seeing you at our booth #5.

=============== Highlight of Exhibits ===============

1. Cartridge Type Piezo Pump

2. Microfluidic Module Chips

3. Electro-Osmotic Micro Pump

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October 17, 2013 14:10 PM

Cartridge Type Piezo Pump for Biotech Devices

Cartridge Type Piezo Pump.png

Can be Easily Replaced for Each Fluid


A built-in magnet enables the pump cartridge to
be easily removed

  from and
attached to an actuator with a piezoelectric element.

Steriliztion of the pump cartridge prior to
use is possible.

No metal is used as wetted materials.

Self-priming is possible.

Flow rate is adjustable by changing drive
voltage or drive frequency.

Small-sized, lightweight and slim.

Low noise and low power consumption.

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October 03, 2013 00:10 AM

Remote Control System For Peristaltic Pumps and Syringe Pumps (Under development)


wirelessly for remote control

Android application* is for the easy and wireless remote control of
our Micro Peristaltic Pumps and Pen-type Syringe Pumps. A separate controller**
is required to operate the pumps. The controller has a mode switch to choose a
Micro Peristaltic Pump or a Pen-type Syringe Pump.

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October 01, 2013 17:10 PM

Manually Adjustable Low Pulsation Micro Pump Unit


Suitable for Lab-on-a-Chip
Cell Culture Media Circulation, Perfusion of Culture Media, etc.


・  Flow from a piezoelectric micro pump is adjusted by a
micro needle valve.

・  Can adjust flow from nl/min level to around 1.5
ml/min manually.

・  Flow pulsation at low flow rates is drastically reduced
by a micro needle valve (See the graph at the bottom).

・  Usable as a stand alone by AAA or R03 batteries.

・  Compact size: Dimensions of 66 x 25 x 105 mm

・  Maximum pump pressure is around 35 kPa (The value varies
depending on the flow channel configuration and fluid characteristics).

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October 01, 2013 00:10 AM

All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip (Under development)

All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip Photos.png
All-in-one Disposable PDMS Chip Photos Flow Diagram.png

This all-in-one system on a disposable PDMS chip is a microfluidic
module designed for cell culture. It has peristaltic pumps, miniature valves,
and a built-in cell culture space which can be observed under a microscope. The
replaceable chip is
sterilizable before use. A remote controller using
an Android application is available for this module upon

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October 01, 2013 00:10 AM