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High-Temperature High-Pressure Solenoid Valve


Up to 180°C & 800 kPa

Features of High-Temperature High-Pressure Solenoid Valve

This solenoid diaphragm valve employs a unique mechanism to absorb the dimensional changes of the plastic body caused by temperature changes. No leakage with high temperature fluids.

Most suitable for the case sulfuric acid is heated for COD Measurement.

An elastomer is employed for the seal material, reducing damage to the valve seat by foreign matters in the fluid and associated leakage problem.


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October 31, 2011 00:10 AM

SOLENOID-DRIVEN SHEAR VALVE 2-position 6-port Valve



      For Sample Injection or Metering

   in a LC (Liquid Chromatography)


Features of 2-position 6-port Valve

This is the first solenoid-driven linearly-actuating valve that realises the same functions as a motor-driven rotary valve. As it is solenoid-driven, a stepper motor or a driver is not required. It is economical and easy to operate, comparing to the conventional rotary valve. 


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October 06, 2011 00:10 AM