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Molded Quaternary Valve for Reducing the Cost of the Low-pressure Gradient Unit in a Liquid Chromatograph


The Quaternary Valve is a kind of manifold valve where due to its structure the four channels from the valves all join at one point and connect to the common port (the central port of the product in the above picture). The lengths of the four channels are the same and the flow rate of each is almost identical. This structure is designed to maintain a high accuracy of the mixing ratio of multiple liquids. The product is often used to mix several kinds of eluant gradually in a low pressure gradient unit in a liquid chromatograph. In addition, it can be used to mix chemical liquids accurately or to dispense equal amounts of one kind of liquid. 


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June 21, 2011 00:06 AM

Chemically Inert Molded Body 2way/3way Solenoid Valve PKV Series



Molded 3-way PKV series valve now available


Features of the Chemically Inert Molded Body 2way/3way Solenoid Valve PKV Series

Molded 2way/3way PKV series solenoid valve now available.

φ4-6 mm diameter aperture, which enables it to be used in a wide-range of fluid control applications for various kinds of analysis; such as IVD diagnostics, medical, and other life science instruments. An elastomer is employed for the seal material, reducing damage to the valve seat from foreign matter in the fluid and associated leak trouble.


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June 09, 2011 00:06 AM