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Piezoelectric Micro Pump related product half-price campaign

■□■□■ Piezoelectric Micro Pump related product half-price campaign ■□■□


The Piezoelectric Micro Pump is a product that is currently gathering great amount of attention. It is small-sized, slim (25 × 25 × 4.8 mm) and lightweight (approximately 4 g) in comparison to motor-driven pumps and possesses the feature of being able to adjust flow rate comparatively easily by changing drive voltage or drive frequency. In order to experience these merits, it is best to actually test it yourself. Accordingly, we are holding a campaign to supply a convenient controller or driver to operate the Piezoelectric Micro Pump at half price, in order that more people may easily test and evaluate it. Please make use of this opportunity to test our Piezoelectric Micro Pump.


Controller: A device that enables free manual configuration of the output voltage/frequency for driving the Piezoelectric Micro Pump via a front panel digital display. The Piezoelectric Micro Pump can be easily operated by this controller alone.


Driver: A circuit board that set a drive voltage/frequency by means of the external input signal. Smaller and cheaper than the controller, the driver is most suited to incorporation in experimental systems that possess control functions.


For more details of the controller and the driver, please check the link below.


The explanation of the Piezoelectric Micro Pump unit can be checked at the above link as well.


1.        Piezoelectric Micro Pump related product half-price campaign

We will supply the following controller or driver at half price to customers purchasing the below product (s) limited to the duration of the campaign period.


< Target products >

Piezoelectric Micro Pump: SDMP302, SDMP306, SDMP320, APP-20KG


< ControllerMPC-200A >

Normal price (Reference price): 36,320 yen

Campaign special price (Reference price): 18,160 yen


< Driver: MPD-200A >

Normal price (Reference price): 12,110 yen

Campaign special price (Reference price): 6,060 yen



* The above reference prices are the ex-works ones only for products so all expenses such as transportation, customs, shipping, insurance, remittance, etc are not included. Therefore, the prices quoted by our distributors in your countries differ from the above reference prices.


* The above prices are for reference only and they are the prices for the case of a direct sale from Takasago to customers in the areas where we have no distributor. Concerning the actual purchase price, please obtain a quotation from a distributor in your country and check their prices. Our distributors are shown at the link below.


* The normal prices (Reference prices) mentioned above are the ones as of May 2011. These prices may change without notification.


2.  Campaign period  

26 May – 25 July 2011 (based on date of order to Takasago)


3.        Enquiries concerning this campaign

For actual prices and delivery time, please contact a distributor in your country. If you are located in the country where we have no distributor, please contact us directly. You can find our distributor network at:


    As we are pleased to deal with your technical inquiries like the product specifications, please feel free to contact us. Direct contact is available at


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May 24, 2011 00:05 AM

What is ” TAKASAGO”

whatisTakasago.jpgTakasago is originally the name of a place. The city of Takasago is about 80km west of our ancient capital, Kyoto. It is said that there was an old pine tree in Takasago and that the spirit of that pine tree was the spouse of another pine tree.
Based on this myth, an ancient Japanese play called Noh was written approximately 600 years ago. The story was about a couple of pine tree spirits who lived a long and happy life together. This Noh, titled Takasago, was very popular and influenced other aspects of Japanese culture. For instance, it was a common custom to sing a song taken from Takasago at wedding ceremonies and the custom still exists today. “Takasago” is supposed to be a happy word and this is why many Japanese shops, restaurants, and companies use the name Takasago. This is particularly true in the wedding industry.

May 02, 2011 00:05 AM