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Highly Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump – APP Series –


Uses only PTFE, PEEK and Perfluoroelastomer

as wetted materials.

Most suitable for aggressive chemicals, solvents, etc.


Features of Chemically Inert Piezoelectric Micro Pump

         Small-sized, lightweight and slim.

         Typical flow is 15 ml/min, which is adjustable by changing drive voltage or drive frequency.

         Low noise and low power consumption.

         PPS or FPM is optionally available as wetted materials.

         Selfpriming is possible.


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February 08, 2011 00:02 AM

Pen-Type Glass Syringe Pump SAP Series

sap-e.jpgFeatures of the Pen-Type Glass Syringe Pump

           Remarkably small outer dimensions of Dia. 8.8 x L 121 mm, now with a built-in stepper motor (with a reduction gear).

           With a lightweight of only 33 g, this pump is very suitable for installation on the stage of a microscope, inside an incubator, or on moving parts, etc.

           Continuous microlitre transfer system can also be made possible by operating 2 pieces of syringe pumps alternately.

           Theoretical resolution is 21 nl.

           Has a built-in sensor that enables zero-point detection.

           In addition to the needle model in the above picture, a No.6-40UNF threaded port model and a special attachment model to connect with our small 3-way valve are also available.

           A driver for operating this pump has also been prepared.

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February 08, 2011 00:02 AM