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Solenoid Driven Injector (For liquid chromatography)




                                                                         This product is under development.

This is a solenoid driven injector for injecting a small volume of samples into a baseline in various analytical instruments, such as those for liquid chromatography. As it is driven by a solenoid, it is more economical and easier to operate compared to a conventional stepper motor driven injector.

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February 22, 2010 00:02 AM

Information of metering pump is updated


The pages showing instructions on installing and using the pumps or usage precautions has been updated. Please visit to read them.

Takasago’s metering pump



*The list of metering pumps is seen here.


February 18, 2010 11:02 AM

LabAutomation2010 Report




At LabAutomation2010, Jan. 23-27, Palm Springs, California, USA, we exhibited our products including our inert piezoelectric micro pump that hat has been under development using a subsidy from the Japanese government. In the exhibit hall, there were about 250 booths and there were many instrument manufacturers focusing on high-throughput equipment.


The fields where the visitors are working vary as follows;
Life Sciences/Biotechnology, Instrument Design & Development, Clinical Diagnostics, Oceanography/Marine Science, Chemical Analysis, Pharmaceuticals/Drug Discovery, MicroTAS and Others.


Most visitors showed their interests in our piezoelectric micro pumps. Some of visitors who handle aggressive liquids were interested in the inert piezoelectric micro pump.
For people handle aggressive liquids and requires high chemical inertness for the components, our inert piezoelectric micro pump seems to be best suited to these fields.
We intend to complete this inert piezoelectric micro pump sometie this spring.


February 12, 2010 15:02 PM


At PITTCON 2010, March 1-4, Orange County Convention Center (West Building), Orlando, Florida, USA, we will be exhibiting our products.  The main feature of the exhibit will be the inert piezoelectric micro pump which has been under development supported by a subsidy from the Japanese government. The exhibit also features other products such as fluid control modules integrating various miniature fluid components.  Our booth number is 3608, and please come and see us at PITTCON 2010.
For more information on PITTCON 2010, please visit at <> .

February 03, 2010 10:02 AM