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Invitation to MD&M East


Focusing on portable diagnostic/medical instruments, Takasago has been developing miniature valves and pumps for more than a decade. We will exhibit our latest devices and systems at MD&M East held from June 14 to 16, 2016, at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NY, USA. Some highlighted products are shown below. Please come and see us at #2083.

=============== Highlight of Exhibits ===============

1. Reagent-Prefilled Disposable Syringe Module 

2. Miniature Low-cost Valve SMV Series and Ultra-Small Dispensing Module

3. Disposable Chip Pump

1. Reagent-Prefilled Disposable Syringe Module (patent pending)

Reagent-Prefilled Syringe Module.jpg
As the module uses disposable cartridges, you can easily and safely dispose of chemicals. The cartridge has syringe pumps that also perform as reagent reservoirs. By pushing a gasket inside the syringe, you can accurately dose the reagent. At MD&M East 2016 we will exhibit an automatically operated unit to show you how the cartridge works. Modules are customizable.

2. Miniature Low-cost Valve SMV Series (Patented) and Ultra-Small Dispensing Module

This valve in the left photo is driven by a piece of shape-memory alloy, resulting in significant miniaturization and cost reduction. By using the SMV series, we aim to reduce the volume of fluid control modules used in diagnostic instruments by 90% and the cost by 50%. The module in the right photo is one of the examples. The module is amazingly small and lightweight (38.3×41.3×37.4 mm, approx. 25 g). It dispenses a certain amount of liquid metered by a sample loop. We can also design compact modules for your needs.

3. Disposable Chip Pump (patent pending)

Disposable Chip Pump.jpg
A peristaltic pumping function is incorporated into an elastic replaceable chip, where rollers rotate and compress a Ω-shaped channel to directly pump the liquid inside. By adopting this pump in your fluidic chips, for instance, you can mix and stir two liquids on one chip. At the show, we are demonstrating the latest sample chip that has even reagent and waste reservoirs.

In addition to the above, we will exhibit various other products that may contribute to your applications.

=============== Exhibition Outline ===============
Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East
Exhibition Dates: June 14 - 16, 2016
Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street, NY 10001, USA
Booth Number: 2083

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us or our Japanese head office.
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Japanese Head Office
66 Kakitsubata, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku
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