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Microfluidic Chip Module (Under Development) (Patent Pending)

Microfluidic Chip Module.png

For Cell Culture, Microreactor, etc.


- With this system, flow schematics can be customized by laying out chips with different functions in a holder specially designed for each module.

- Each function chip has the same shape but a different built-in device, such as a valve, peristaltic pump, or chamber, etc.

- The chips are replaceable and sterilizable.

- Wetted materials: PDMS (chip) & stainless steel (connecting pipe)

- Microscope stage size (Same size with well-plates)

Fluidic Function Chips

Fluidic Function Chips.png

Customization Process

Customisation Process.png
Configuration Examples1.png
                      Circulation System                    Mixing System
                       Example: Cell Culture                            Example: Microreactor

1. This product is jointly developed with Aquatech Co., Ltd. and Fukoku Bussan Co., Ltd. 
2. Details including specifications may change without notification.

We provide microfluidic solutions for biotechnology, such as perfusion, media replacement, live imaging, etc. Please feel free to contact us.


August 26, 2014 00:08 AM