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Molded Manifold Valve XTA-2E Series


Flexibly Joinable Stations


   Each basic block holds a pair of 2-way XTA valves. Up to 6 blocks can be flexibly joined together to give a maximum of 12 stations. This manifold provides both a cost reduction and a flexible configuration that cannot be achieved by conventional molded manifolds.

   A 2-row construction enables a shorter length of manifold and common channel, which contributes to a small internal volume and easy arrangement on an instrument.

   The extremely inert material ETFE (fluorocarbon polymer) is used for the block.

   A choice of diaphragm material is available: PTFE for the highest chemical compatibility or FPM/EPDM for cost saving.

   In addition to M6 and 1/4-28UNF threads, the special option of the Push-in Fitting is also available for the port connection, which allows quick connection by just inserting the tubing.



2-Way Normally Closed

Orifice Diameter

1.6 mm

Number of Valves

3 to 12

Port Connection

M6,  1/4-28UNF,  Push-in Fitting* (Option)

Operating Pressure

IN: -90 to 200 kPa      OUT: 0 to 50 kPa

Media / Ambient Temp. Range

~ 50°C

Rated Voltage

12 VDC, 24 VDC

Power Consumption

2.8 W x number of valves

Duty Cycle


Wetted Materials*

PTFE diaphragm model: ETFE, PTFE and Perfluoroelastomer

Elastomer diaphragm model: ETFE and FPM (Optionally EPDM)

*The Push-in Fitting uses PPS for the body and FPM for the inside sealing

Configurable Flow Schematics

There are 3 schematics given by the number of IN ports that directly connect to the common channel located in the center of the manifold.


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